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Devotional: Faith over Fear

Faith over Fear Devo Pic

Is fear keeping you from having faith in Christ? ...

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Devotional: Listening to Understand

Listening to Understand Devo Pic

Are you listening to respond or understand? ...

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Devotional: Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection Devo Pic

Is the fear of rejection keeping you from loving Christ and loving others? ...

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Devotional: Humble Transparency

Humble Transparency Devo Pic

Are you struggling to welcome people into your mess? ...

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Devotional: Praise Him!

Praise Him Devo Pic

Are you struggling to let go of your own desires and trust in the Lord?...

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Devotional: Sharing Grace

Sharing Grace Devo Pic

Are you viewing the people in your life through the lens of grace?...

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Devotional: A Pharisee or a Disciple?

Pharisee or Disciple Devo Pic

Are you a Pharisee or a disciple to the people in your life? ...

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Devotional: Am I Enough?

Am I Enough Devo Pic

Are you trying to be enough apart from Jesus? ...

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Devotional: Loving God to Love Others

Loving God to Love Others Devo Pic

How does your love of others reflect your love of God? ...

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Devotional: Pruning and Trusting

Pruning and Trusting Devo Pic

How do you react when God is pruning you to bear fruit? ...

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