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Devotional: Content in Christ

Content in Christ Devo Pic

Do you seek comfort, security, power, or control through money but only end up feeling more empty and alone? ...

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Devotional: Fix Your Eyes

Fix Your Eyes Devo Pic

Do you struggle to give your fears and anxieties to the Lord?...

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Devotional: Upward Call

Upward Call devo pic

Do you struggle to feel satisfied by the things of this world? ...

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Devotional: The Service of Christ

The Service of Christ Devo Pic

Do you struggle to find joy in serving those you are called to care for? ...

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Devotional: Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Devo Pic

Are you serving others as Christ has served you? ...

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Devotional: To Live is Christ, to Die is Gain

To Live is Christ, To Die Is Gain Devo Pic

Do you willingly step out into situations that you know will bring you suffering for the glory of Christ? Or do you stay within the comfort of what is familiar? ...

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Devotional: Redeemed, Rescued, Restored

Redeemed, Rescued, Restored Devo Pic

Where do you fit into the story of the gospel?...

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Devotional: Christ, Our Advocate

Christ Our Advocate Devo Pic

Are you resting in the advocacy of Christ, or do you struggle with trying to advocate for yourself? ...

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Devotional: The Need for Atonement

The Need for Atonement Devo Pic

Do you believe that you need forgiveness? ...

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Devotional: I Am Judas

I am Judas Devo pic

What causes you to betray Christ? ...

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