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Community-Building Initiatives


The Session, Diaconate, and Ministry Leaders have established the following community-building ministry initiatives to pursue this coming year:

  • Officers, ministry leaders, and congregation consider how they may personally develop "Evangelistic Pathways” based on their context at the Ministry Leaders Meetings, during adult Sunday school, and officer training.
  • Identify a visitor follow-up coordinator to develop a systematic approach to visitor follow-up through cards, personal connections and invitations to visitor's luncheon as needed.
  • Motivate the congregation to participate in a short-term mission trip in the summer of 2022.
  • Encourage each member to personally invite one family member, friend, or coworker to Special Services (Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Eve) at Solomons Inn (formerly Holiday Inn Solomons).
  • Develop a systematic approach to outreach to the local community by attending events at Patuxent High School, developing partnerships with local schools and organizations by contributing school supplies and other needs, and offering a tutoring ministry.
  • Identify, equip, and delegate ministry opportunities to new members based on the Time, Talent, and Treasures survey.
  • Officers to identify one person to personally encourage and disciple for 2022 by January stated meeting.
  • Promote the use of our space among church members with connections to the community through announcements at the pulpit, weekly newsletter and personal conversations.

Please pray for humility and guidance as we seek to follow the Lord in these ways!