Harvest Fellowship's Care Team offers gospel centered care to those seeking help in the local Southern Maryland community.

Our care is biblically informed with a foundation that is based on God's truth in Scripture. We are more than friends, and less than professionals. 


Harvest Fellowship's Care Team is a faith driven initiative within the community of Southern Maryland, seeking to serve and care for those in need through mentoring and discipling relationships. We hope to one day experience the blessing of partnering with a Christian based clinical counseling center right here in Southern Maryland.  


God is personal and relational. God created us to be in fellowship and communion with Him and with each other. He desires for each of us to have a personal, deep, and connected relationship with Him.

Scripture is God’s breathed out word. The Bible holds authority as God’s living and active word that He provided for us so that we may know Him and His promises through the life and death of Jesus Christ. It is through God’s word that we grow to know Him and understand all His sacrifice for us.  

Our world is broken. Adam and Eve’s sin of rebellion against God in the Garden brought sin, suffering, and death into the world. Biblically speaking, our problems in living come from multiple sources; namely, our sin, the sin of others, living in a fallen world, Satan, and ultimately God, who is sovereign over all. Scripture is rich in providing help for understanding complex problems in living as it holds forth the greatest hope for healing and restoration with God, others, and the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are called to care for others through relationships. Because we were created as relational beings, we naturally thrive in the context of relationships with others. Being in relationships with others is also a fulfillment of God’s two greatest commandments: to love Him and love others. In the context of a relationship, our care is personal and intentional, allowing us to speak into each other’s lives with wisdom and grace.

Grace provides the means for change. We believe that change occurs through the grace we receive by faith in Christ and with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The gospel is central to our ability to grow in our Christlikeness. It is through Christ centered, grace based relationships that we can encourage one another as we grow and walk with the Lord.  


Several on our Care Team attend annual counseling and discipleship conferences, have earned certificates from the Christian Counseling Education Foundation (CCEF) School of Biblical Counseling, and are seeking advanced degrees in counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.


We serve members of our congregation, community, and anyone who comes to us seeking help. We offer supportive care to those who are struggling with the challenges of living life in a broken world. Members of our Care Team are also available after every worship service to pray with anyone seeking prayer. 

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The Care Team gets together 4-5 times/year to review a topic relevant to ministering to our congregation and our community and discuss a case study exploring how the topic applies to a real-world situation.

If you’re interested in joining the Care Team Ministry, contact Betsy Dodge or Karen Metz.