We are governed by a group of Ruling Elders (referred to as "the Session"), elected by the congregation and ordained by the Session to oversee and shepherd the church. They are led by our pastor, a Teaching Elder who is selected and approved by the congregation, and ordained by, licensed by, and a member of the Potomac Presbytery. He serves as Moderator of the Session.

Deacons are men elected by the congregation and ordained by the Session to oversee  the mercy ministry, ensure the building and grounds are properly maintained, and manage the finances. The term "deacon" is derived from the Greek word diakonos which means servant. The office was established very early in Church history and described by Luke in Acts 6:1-4.

Recognizing that all members of the church have gifts that contribute to the building up of the body of Christ and the advancement of the kingdom of God, the Session selects and trains members of the congregation to lead the ministries of the church.


Barry Noll is a Teaching Elder. He is our pastor and serves as Moderator of the Session. Barry came to Harvest from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Melanie have been married since 1997 and have 5 children, Samantha, Jonathan, Lily, Amanda, and Christopher. Prior to coming to Harvest, Barry pastored in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, where he served in youth ministry and as a church planter. His life mission is to know Christ and make Him known through leading, preaching, teaching, shepherding, and counseling. In addition to pastoring, Barry enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, fishing, playing Pickleball and eating delicious Southern Maryland seafood.

barry elders

Eduardo Danganan is a Ruling Elder who works as an engineer for the Navy. He enjoys studying history, sci-fi, and apologetics, solving 3D puzzles, and mountain biking. Before coming to Harvest Fellowship, Eduardo served as a Ruling Elder in other churches where he learned that the office of elder is a call that is both exciting and sobering. He and his wife, Nancy, are from Pennsylvania, and have lived in southern St. Mary's County since 1998.

ed elders


Scott Howe is our Ruling Elder who serves as Clerk of the Session. Scott has been an elder at Harvest since before anyone can remember. When he's not eldering, he's working as an engineering program manager and experiencing life with his wife Corrie. They have 3 kids, Joshua, Jonathan, and Faith.

scott elders


Calvin Metz is a Ruling Elder who loves Jesus, airplanes, basses, theology, and his wife, Karen. Cal is a retired aeronautical engineer who plays bass on the worship team.

Cal elders

Les Shaw is a Ruling Elder who has called Harvest Fellowship "home" since 2016. He's a civil engineer and history buff who enjoys hunting, camping, biking, photography, and playing on his tractor at his farm. He and his wife, Kim, have four grown children, one living in Oklahoma, and the other three living locally and members of Harvest Fellowship. They enjoy a growing number of grandchildren.

Les - elders


Frank Booker is a civilian Navy engineer who enjoys woodworking, all things mechanical and electrical, boating, and on rare occasions scuba diving. He is a widower with a son that just started college. Frank has attended Harvest Fellowship since 2012, and feels called in this season of his life to use his gifts to serve the body of Christ as a deacon.

Frank deacons

When Dave Burkhart isn't getting his hands dirty taking care of the grounds at Harvest, he's managing a local golf course. He also plays drums and guitar and can be found leading worship on occassion. Dave has passed down his love of Jesus and puns to his three kids, Luke, Tim, and Katie. He also has a really lucky granddaughter!

Deacon Profile - Burkhart


Tom Dunn is an engineer with a heart for Jesus.  He has two grown children, Tabitha and David. Tom keeps the deacons heading in the right direction, and helps to keep the mercy ministry and the Care Team working together.

Deacon Profile - Tom Dunn

Doug Pepiot is a USAF veteran whose love for airplanes is third only to his love for Jesus and his wife, Daureen. They  have attended Harvest Fellowship since 2018. He's known for cooking up a killer breakfast for the men's Bible studies, and, with Daureen's help, orchestrating wonderful fellowship events. They have two grown children and are starting their collection of grandkids!

Doug - deacons


Don Statter has been a deacon at Harvest since the church was particularized. He is typically the first deacon contact for those in need in the community. Professionally, Don supports NAVAIR as a scientist.

Don - deacons


Kal Weller is the heart of the deacons. He was one of the core group that planted Harvest Fellowship in 1996. He compassionately helps people in need through the Mercy Ministry, leads the important work of budget formulation and tracking, and keeps the computers up and running. He and his wife Jane have two older believing children.