About God.

  • Can I really believe that there is an all-powerful good God that allows evil and suffering in the world?
  • How can I be sure that Christianity is the only true religion out of all the other religions in the world?
  • Isn’t the Bible a man-made book with outdated rules and instructions that Christians use to judge and condemn other people?
  • Can God give me freedom and peace from the guilt and shame for everything that I have done?

About Church.

  • Am I welcome to attend even if I am skeptical or do not believe in God or Christianity?
  • Will I get honest answers to my questions, struggles, and doubts about life and faith?
  • Are the services, music, and teaching in language that I can understand and relate to in my life?
  • How can I trust church or organized religion when I have been hurt, mistreated, or betrayed by hypocrites that call themselves “Christians”?
  • Do I have to clean myself up or get my act together to come to church?

We get it.

We all live in this broken world surrounded by pain and heartache that is at times overwhelming. We've all done things we regret, acted in ways that got us in trouble, and hurt the people we love.  At Harvest Fellowship, we are all on a spiritual journey learning how to trust Jesus alone for providing real hope for the hopeless, healing for the hurting, and rest for the weary. That is why we welcome, love, and accept everyone regardless of their questions, struggles, and doubts about faith and life. We hope you will join us on a Sunday morning to hear the good news of Jesus and meet people who love to listen and walk alongside you in your spiritual journey.

A Message from Our Pastor

Some Good News (The Best in the World!)

The good news is that the God of the universe, the God of the Bible, knows our plight. It's not a surprise to Him. When He created us, he knew we were a needy people, desperate because of our brokenness. His solution? He sent His son, Jesus, Immanuel, God with us, who lived a perfect life that we couldn't live, suffered all the pain and loneliness and travails that come from being human, taking the punishment and dying the death that we deserve. Death was overcome, defeated when God raised Jesus from the dead!

Because of this, we can have a relationship with the God of the Universe, who is perfect. We no longer have to walk in shame or guilt because we walk knowing Jesus covers our shame and guilt with His goodness. The Holy Spirit comforts us in our pain and loneliness.

All we have to do is acknowledge our need for a savior. He does the rest!