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Barry Noll

Moderator of the Session

Barry came to Harvest from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Melanie have been married for 25 years and have 5 children, Samantha, Jonathan, Lily, Amanda, and Christopher. Prior to coming to Harvest, Barry pastored in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, including serving as a church planter. His life mission is to know Christ and make Him known through leading, preaching, teaching, shepherding, and counseling. In addition to pastoring, Barry enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, fishing, and eating delicious Southern Maryland seafood.

Eduardo Danganan

Ruling Elder

Eduardo works as an engineer for the Navy, and enjoys studying history, sci-fi, and apologetics, solving 3D puzzles, and mountain biking. Before joining Harvest Fellowship, Eduardo served as a Ruling Elder in churches in the PCA and the OPC, where he learned that the office of elder is a call that is both exciting and sobering. He and his wife, Nancy, are from Pennsylvania, and have lived in southern St. Mary's County since 1998.


Scott Howe

Ruling Elder
Clerk of the Session

Scott has been an elder at Harvest since before anyone can remember. When he's not eldering, he's working as an engineering program manager and experiencing life with his wife Corrie. They have 3 kids, Joshua, Jonathan, and Faith.


Calvin Metz

Ruling Elder

Cal loves Jesus, airplanes, basses, theology, and his wife, Karen. Cal is a retired aeronautical engineer who plays bass on the worship team.

Les Shaw

Ruling Elder

Les is a civil engineer who has called Harvest Fellowship "home" since 2016. He's a history buff who enjoys hunting, camping, biking, photography, and playing on his tractor at his farm. He and his wife, Kim, have four grown children, one who lives in Oklahoma and the other three who attend Harvest Fellowship, and one grandson.

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