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Children and Youth Ministries

Children and Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry Leader: Diaper2Diploma committee

Harvest Fellowship’s Children and Youth ministries strive to produce kingdom disciples into the next generations. We do this by teaching the Truth, providing godly role models, and creating opportunities for our kids to practice what they learn.

We teach the Truth by:

  • offering Sunday School for infants through Senior High, or as someone once said, "From Diapers to Diplomas."
  • providing a Children's Church called "My Father's House" for children ages four to third grade. Here the students learn about the what goes on during a worship service so they are prepared to one day worship along side their older brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • encouraging our youth to participate in our weekly small groups.
  • creating adult led fellowship groups for youth.

We provide godly role models by:

  • training our Sunday School teachers and adult volunteers to deliver gospel-centered lessons each week and to practice grace in their classrooms.
  • having adults participate in "Connecting Generations" activities with the understanding that they are building relationships with the younger generations and providing skills, experiences, and opportunities that the children and teens might not otherwise have.

We create opportunities for children and youth to practice what they learn by:

  • encouraging our youth and children to serve the congregation and community. We have three and four-year-olds responsible for collecting the communion cups at the end of the service. For nearly two decades, our youth have had the sole responsiblity of projecting song lyrics on the walls during the service.
  • recruiting older elementary school and middle school children to help in My Father's House, run games during VBS, and assist in the nursery.
  • regularly participating in a monthly Nursing Home vist.
  • accepting their help on Christmas in April and Habitat for Humanity projects and serving those in the church who need help.

Check our Highlights for the latest youth activities.

Check out this video! 

Video for children youth ministries from CorrinHowe on Vimeo.