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Specifically Children

Harvest Fellowship has opportunities for our children to gather and hang out with one another outside Worship Service and Sunday School. Many of these events help the children to develop relationships with older children, teens and adults.

Example of such activites include:

  • Craft and Game Days -- usually scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon when Calvert County Public School's are off. Previous crafts have been making styfoam owls, building birdhouses, and melting crayons. Games tend to be tossing a football or kicking a soccer ball, but can be more.
  • Connecting Generations -- We believe that children having significant relationships, with church members other than their peers, is a key factor in them maintaining their faith and habit of worship through the rest of their lives. Throughout the year adults plan and sponsor opportunities for children and teens to hang out. These activites have been a movie night, participating in silly relays, going ice skating, going to a baseball game and more. Sometimes the kids and teens learn a new skill like changing oil in a car or serve someone else by cleaning up a church member's yard.