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A Gospel-sized Box

Your box is your world view. Your box is the framework within which you live your life--what you truly believe, your perspective on life -- one that shapes everything else about you....

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Jesus Christ - The True Light

Jesus Christ is both the source of light and truth -- therefore the key to relationship with him is to cast off the darkness and lies that are at the center of a life of separation from him and bondage to sin and to embrace the truth through repentant faith....

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Thanksgiving 2016

“How can we treat this shared meal as a means of God’s grace for our souls and not simply an exercise in eating? ...

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Applying Stewardship to our Relationship with God

What does it look like to be a good steward with respect to your relationship with God?...

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The Gospel and Stewardship

How the gospel impacts the stewardship of our times, talents, and treasures....

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Are You an Identity Amnesiac?

It is easy to forget who we are in Christ. One benefit of gathering for worship is to remind each other of that. ...

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10 Ways To Resist The Devil

I thought it would be a valuable and helpful follow-up to my sermon ...

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What Is a Good Job?

Rediscovering the Biblical Doctrine of Work....

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How Things Work

Philippians 4:6-7 is an explanation of how things work and how they don't work. Don't be anxious, but let God ......

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The Power of the Tongue - James 3:1-12

The book of James contains at least 20 specific ways of how we are to use our tongues as an expression of the gospel taking root in and transforming our lives. I encourage you to slowly read over and pray over this list (maybe even focusing on a few each day) over the next week....

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